Testimonials for Bri the Web Guy

As a marketing strategist and a champion of smart web design, I manage websites for all kinds of clients and markets.

While I’m based in New Jersey, I serve clients throughout the United States.

“Brian created our current website after a thorough and personalized investigation of the nature of our business and its marketing needs. Our traffic and correspondence tripled within 1-2 weeks of the launch! His design work, writing and search engine optimization far exceeded what we were able to glean from our previous web design firm.”
Dr. Robert Brolin, Bariatric Surgeon & CEO, NJ Bariatrics

"We appreciate the work that Brian has done for our website. Our prior website did nothing for our overall growth. Brian's expertise and advice have given us a website more suitable for our needs and that of our clients. In a short period of time we have received many inquiries from potential clients all with the help of Brian and his understanding of how to efficiently market our business online."
Brett Rosen, ESQ, Rifkin & Rosen

"Brian has worked magic with our website. He understands the real stuff about SEO and what he does works! But more than that, Brian understands marketing and design. He's quick and clear and effective. He communicates well. He's organized. And he's friendly and supportive even when he's making suggestions about things to change."
Andrea Kihlstedt, Co-Founder, Asking Matters

"Brian has been an enormous help to us at Asking Matters. We were nowhere on the marketing side and he gave us solid direction, sharp advice, and terrific hands-on help. We can already see the results — greatly increased traffic to our site and improved sales."
Brian Saber, Co-Founder, Asking Matters

"The design and flow of a website to the consumer's eye is the difference between an average website and a great one. Brian's attention to detail has brought numerous customers to our business. His knowledge of SEO and cutting edge technology would be an exceptional asset for any business portfolio."
Madison Fitzgerald, Sales Representative, Inorganic Ventures

“Brian has grown WarcraftPets.com from a simple database site into a thriving community, and he did it by networking with other websites, not through advertising. The website is iconic within its niche and he's listened to the users to add many new features. He offers the best customer service I've ever seen from such a heavily trafficked website.”
Curtis Mueller, Fellow Fansite Administrator

"Working with Brian has been an absolute pleasure. He’s friendly, professional and efficient, and pays close attention to detail as well as the needs of his website audience. The websites he creates are very user-friendly, easy to navigate, and provide just the right amount of visual stimulation without being overwhelming. Brian is also very swift to address any technical problems, ensuring that his websites have as little downtime as possible."
Amanda Chow, Administrative Assistant

“Brian has a special eye for creativity and attention to detail. I’ve truly appreciated his ability to immediately understand new project ideas and to transform them into reality. The consistent praise from our customers for his work on our website has certainly made my job much easier!”
Jeffrey Itle, Foreign Distribution Manager, Inorganic Ventures

"I've had the opportunity and pleasure of working with Brian on many occasions. His knowledge and expertise of marketing strategies are second to none and are a valuable asset to any company or client he works with. I look forward to working with him again in the future."
Anthony Gualano, Creative Director, Triton Design

"Brian created a gorgeous website for me to help me grow my business. When I first saw it, I knew that I’d made the right choice in hiring him. He worked closely with me to understand how my business worked and seamlessly wove that knowledge into my site. I now have a website that’s eye-pleasing, engaging and effective. I couldn’t be happier with his work."
Xan Blake, President, The Blake Partnership

"Brian is simply amazing! He completely redid my sales page, both the design and copy, which helped me increase my program’s subscribers by more than 50%! His design skills and marketing savvy are second to none. I can’t thank him enough!"
Gail Perry, Fundraising Consultant, Fired-Up Fundraising

"Brian and I have worked together for a number of years. In that time, he has supercharged my web presence with a gorgeous new website, an updated eNewsletter, and tons of marketing advice. Before I met Brian, I had no idea how to handle social media and I’d never even considered blogging. Thanks to his help, I’ve attracted my biggest clients to date and I’m recognized as one of the top fundraising consultants in the US. I couldn’t be happier with his work."
Amy Eisenstein, Fundraising Consultant, Tri Point Fundraising

A smarter web presence could double or triple your business.
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